First Blog Post.


I was recently part of a discussion regarding what success is.  Success to me is essentially becoming more self-aware, and a better, more embodied human being.  Music has become my spiritual practice. It reflects all I need to know about myself, and what I need to work on to grow and evolve. I originally set out to transcend my fear of performing in front of people. I never expected the anxiety “to lift”. Well, through good work, and a lot of self-introspection, it did, the chops improved, and then it’s like, “Now what?”. Every area of my life grew by dissolving this one fear. Including materially. Oh yeah, now there’s that subtle fear of technology thing. The ego wants to make the new project seem impossible and insurmountable. But then I remember where I’ve come from, and how many things that were once outside of me, I’ve now become. So I take the next 3 steps that I can see, knowing/trusting the 3 steps after that will be illuminated when I arrive there. Staying on the path and showing up for this journey is all the success I need. When I have a full commitment to taking internal inventory of myself, it becomes much easier to figure out the external inventory—i.e. how to build a website, how am I gonna make money, et al. What a ride. The Internet is now the great equalizer for indie artists/musicians, as it was in the late 1990s/early 2000s for individual investors vs big banks. No one knows exactly how the environment is evolving. It is emergent = more opportunity than ever to create your own success, which reflects outwardly from the inner work one is doing.  One’s ability to stay present and manage one’s fear of the unknown is quite helpful during these times.

Wishing everyone the success that they desire,